about meBehind the Lens…

I’m a 20-something year old, Utah State University graduate, with my Bachelor’s degree in Art and a double minor in Art History and Family & Human Development. Going to USU was definitely some of the best years of my young life! I was born and raised in Maryland! And love it minus what the humidity does to my hair on those hot summer days. Music feeds my soul more than anything. I seriously feel deprived if I do not listen to music every day. I love my family and friends and tend to find myself looking at old photographs almost on a weekly base (thank you Facebook for archiving photos since 2007) because I love good memories so much. 

What I’m All About…


   I know you hear a lot of photographers preach about how they want to give you moments… but it is SO TRUE. I want to create moments for you that you’ll never forget! If you’re like me, a pretty nostalgic human, then you know what I mean. Everyone knows that feeling when you see a good.. and I mean a REALLY GOOD photo of yourself. I want to give you that feeling through my photography. What I want to do is help you see the beauty I see in you through my camera lens. So let’s get together and make pretty pictures to show for generations to come.

Five Fun Facts…

  1. I love pointing out the green screen in movies
  2. I carry hot sauce in my desk drawer… you never know when you may need it! (Beyoncé totally agrees….)
  3. I’m definitely more of a morning person! Once I wake up, I’m up. There’s no going back to sleep for me (naps not included)
  4. I love Wendy’s #6, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and get it almost every weekend
  5. Not to bring up food again, but smoked salmon is one of my favorite things these days